Arty Facts - Art & Stencil Kit


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Shapes from History Kit uses relics from around the world to inspire kids to draw and tell fantastic stories of imaginary adventures. ArtyFacts celebrates history and culture while teaching basic shapes like oval, star, rectangle, and square. Each ArtyFact shape represents a specific historic relic, and features fun facts and a drawing tip. This kit not only inspires artistic creativity but stimulates pretend play as well. Children will love to show off Pat Garrett’s Sheriff badge in a wild west showdown, sail the seas with Captain Paul Cuffe’s Box Compass, trade for Jade treasures in China, or use George Washington’s pocket watch to track the time spent under his cherry tree. This complete play set includes components for all styles and personalities of play and includes 10 Historical artifacts, 5 double sided collectible ArtyFact cards, 10 Colored Pencils, and an 8.5” X 11” sketch pad. The kit stores beautifully in a durable wooden box. Ages 3+

  • Learn history while creating art
  • Use stencil shapes to create your own drawings
  • Made from sustainable materials including rubberwood, recycled drawing paper & non-toxic colored pencils for a healthier planet & healthier kids
  • Cleans up easily with included storage tray

Recommended for ages 5+