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Flying Dragon Flashlight

Flying Dragon Flashlight

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Meet Dragon with its green, round belly, wings, and two yellow horns on the top of its head. Play with Unicorn, which has a white body, wings, purple accents, a pink mouth, and a gold horn. There are bright red hearts on Unicorn’s cheeks. These characters are ready to light up your little one’s playtime.


  • Easy to use. Gently squeeze the handle to turn the flashlight on. Release to turn off
  • Flashlight shines through the character’s open mouth
  • When character’s mouth opens, its wing flap, and the flashlight illuminates
  • Lightweight, easy to carry for kids
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries, sold separately
  • Ages 3+

Dragon and Unicorn LED Flashlights add a fun dimension to playtime at home, in the classroom, at a slumber party, or while camping. This tech-free toy will spark a little one’s imagination to create stories, go on missions, and unleash adventures.

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