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The Handyman Can, the Handyman Can

Nothing beats a day of screwing up home improvement projects quite like a cold brewski.

Our new zippered Beverage Cooler Collection brings the fun wherever you go—even if it’s repeat trips to the home improvement store.

This EVA-lined Tool Box Cooler is insulated to keep up to 12 tasty drinks refreshingly cold—great for the tailgate. The zip-up top and stitching ooze quality (not WD-40), so it will survive the remodel, beach day, or botched bathroom with ease.

The “wide mouth” zippered opening makes it easy to pack and unpack.

  • it’s an awesome tool box beverage cooler
  • EVA-insulated to keep drinks cold—just add ice!
  • wide-opening for easy packing/unpacking
  • load it with up to 12 standard cans or bottles