LiL Bagie Bear Head Bag Dispenser

Color: Brown

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An Adorable Plush Refillable Plush Bag Dispenser to help in the disposal of soiled diapers and pet waste.

Teddy is a Plush Bag Dispenser to aid in the disposal of soiled diapers.

When you have a need, just pull the bag down from beneath the head, tear it off at its perforation, put the soiled diaper inside, tie a knot and you're good to go!

Teddy can easily be hung from your diaper bag, changing table, stroller, backpack, in the car, practically Anywhere!

Teddy comes with one roll of 15 Biodegradable lavender scented bags inside.

The 9" X 13" Bags are strong, leak-proof, and made with Cornstarch.