Squishable Great Dane

When people first see a Squishable, they often say, "Oh heavens, this is huge!" Well, not this one! Instead, you may hear, "Gadzooks! This Great Dane is of a completely reasonable size! If I have one of these, there will be room for me on the couch, which would not be the case with a real, full-sized Great Dane!"

Indeed, Great Danes are the majestic, gentle giants of the doggy world! The biggest one is over seven feet tall standing on his hind legs! If dogs played basketball, Great Danes would probably…play basketball! But given the surprising centrality of opposable thumbs to most sports, they stay off the court (they prefer snuggles)! So if you love all the love but not the whole "dinner served by the shovel-full" thing, this is the Great Dane you want! 15 squishy inches of big love. All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only!