Sublife Rusty


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Sublife works in a bathtub, aquarium, tank and even a swimming pool!

They go underwater like real submarines. They can dive to over 6 feet deep and re-surface by themselves again and again!

Dive into a world of fun with SUBlife!

  • Your first submarine!
  • Collector card included
  • Charges with a USB
  • Collect them all!
Meet Rusty!
The Blue Kingdom could be the perfect place without Rusty and his shenanigans. The naughty Rusty is involved in every bit of trouble, and is always on the run from his nemesis- King Angelfish.
Rusty will break the rules without thinking twice!
Although he's been caught by King Angelfish time and time again, he won't learn his lesson.
They have a great rivalry, King can't help but love Rusty, knowing he is also kind and loves his friends.