Undercover Cheeseburger Disguise


Need to blend into your local BBQ/picnic/cafeteria/kitchen/fast food joint/super fancy restaurant? Might I suggest dressing as a cheeseburger! A staple in a diverse array of culinary establishments, the cheeseburger is so ubiquitous and versatile that it makes the perfect disguise for an Undercover Agent. No one ever thinks to question a cheeseburger, even if it looks a bit like a Kitty. Or a Corgi. Or a Bunny. So the next time you see a cheeseburger with suspiciously mammalian ears waddling into a diner and taking a seat, just shrug. Cheeseburgers are always around! 

Completely removable 7" Cheeseburger disguise! Fits any Squishable Undercover Agent base animal (bunny, Kitty, or Corgi)! This disguise is not made to fit standard Squishable Minis...even though it still might. All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up!