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Chia Pet

Chia Bob Ross

Chia Bob Ross

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Chia Bob Ross 

“You know without question that we don’t make mistakes here. We just have happy accidents.” Bob Ross

Remember Bob Ross and his show, The Joy of Painting? Now you can enjoy the gentle artist with the soft, hypnotic voice, as you grow your very own Bob Ross Chia Pet.

Bob Ross created 30-minute masterpieces featuring distant mountain ranges, seascapes, forest scenes, and always with those happy little trees and fluffy clouds.

Bob loved to share stories about his life in Alaska while painting, but did you know his curls weren’t natural!

A perm in his early twenties became his signature look along with the chambray shirt he always wore during his show on PBS.

Grow your own Bob Ross Chia Pet while watching the revival of The Joy of Painting.

Bob Ross Chia Pet Handmade Decorative Planter – Watch It Grow!

Easy to Do … Fun to Grow! Full Coat in About 1 – 2 Weeks. Reuse Your Chia® Indefinitely. 

Simply replant with Chia® Seed Packets (extra seeds included) or similar herb seeds, such as basil, alfalfa, marjoram or thyme.


Handmade Pottery Planter

Chia® Seed Packet for 3 Plantings

Convenient Plastic Drip Tray

Planting & Care Instructions Sheet

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